Do I Need a Topographical Survey?

Leica Total Station being used to survey.

A topographical survey is a type of measured survey, undertaken by specialist surveyors. These surveys are used as a starting point for proposed developments, as well as for recording boundaries. They have the potential to reduce costs and avoid delays by providing an in-depth understanding of a site and its distinctive features, in a way that no other type of survey could relay.

How Much Does a Measured Building Survey Cost?

Movement monitoring surveys

A measured building survey is a comprehensive survey that relates to the external and internal aspects of a site or building. If you are considering commissioning a measured survey, cost will obviously feature in your thoughts. But it is important to bear in mind that the price of a survey is influenced by a variety of factors, and that cost vs quality is an essential consideration.

How Accurate is a 3D Laser Survey?

Land survey by trimble scanner.

A 3D laser survey is the modern technology alternative to traditional-style hand surveying methods. If you are new to this measured surveying process, you may be wondering, how accurate is a laser survey? This is precisely what we’ll set out to address in this post, as well as exploring the many benefits of precision 3D scanning.

What is a Topographic Survey?

Topographical laser instrument being used.

Topographic surveying has an important role to play in building design and development projects, as well as in land administration and management generally. In this post we’re aiming to answer in detail the question, what is a topographic survey, whilst exploring how topographical surveys work and why they are so important during the building process.

What is a Movement Monitoring Survey?

Movement monitoring surveys

A movement monitoring survey allows movement to be identified early on before remediation costs could start to escalate, and before claims from property or landowners with resulting issues may become a potential problem. Join us as we explore the question, what is a movement monitoring survey, explaining how they work, and what you should be looking for in a movement monitoring surveyor.

What is a 3D Laser Survey?

What is a 3D laser survey

A 3D laser survey is the modern alternative to traditional-style surveying methods. It offers a variety of benefits, allowing a surveyor to quickly and easily collect a large amount of detailed data over a short period of time. In this post we’re addressing the question, “What is a 3D laser survey”, answering commonly asked questions and looking at how 3D laser scanning is used throughout the construction process.

A brief guide to modern measured building surveys.


A Brief Guide to Modern Measured Building Surveys Today’s urban spaces are complicated beasts. If you’re not tussling with the physical space itself to accommodate all your usage requirements, you have planning, building regs and environmental considerations to face. The ever-increasing density of our developments mean a more critical focus is needed to ensure the […]

Information is the new Money – Value v’s Cost

Laser survey being done.

Information is the New Money – Value v’s Cost In any business, some of the most costly errors occur through a lack of information. Arguably, design and construction suffer more than most. So, you might think that obtaining correct, full and accurate knowledge is the obvious way forward. But so many managers still fail to […]