Church Surveyor: Floor and Building Planning

From small contemporary chapels to ornate period monoliths, ecclesiastical buildings always offer an interesting survey project. Whether providing 1:200 basic space-planning drawings or 1:5 details for heritage projects, Callidus has the experience, skills and equipment to ensure your building is represented with the care and attention you’d expect – always treated with the respect they deserve –both on, and off-site.

Church surveys are a core specialism for Callidus. We are comfortable working with the intricacies of these beautiful period properties and thrive on reproducing the fine detail that gives each building its unique character. It is probably the most satisfying of survey work from our perspective and we trust you will be as pleased to have the experience and expertise of Callidus on the case as we are proud to be engaged.

Below are some of the other specific areas of Callidus expertise. Click on the links to see how we could be helping your next project: