Point Cloud Survey London

The short video shown here is put together from over 1.2billion individual scanned data points – each with precise X, Y and Z coordinates. You can see for yourself the level of detail achievable with modern 3D laser scanning technology.

This particular 3D point-cloud laser scanning project describes in detail a disused subway in London, England. The video itself is less important – we think – than the actual data it’s taken from. The static point-cloud data can be used to create a 3D model, showing fine detail, or sliced into manageable sections to provide a template for constructing very accurate and detailed 2D plans, sections and elevations.

The data in the video is fairly typical, in density and detail, of what Callidus Surveys routinely produces. Could this kind of data help your next project? Give Callidus a call to find our skilled and knowledgeable surveyors at your service.


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