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When accuracy, turnaround and service quality matter, you can trust Callidus Building Surveys Ltd, the UK’s premier specialist measured survey company.
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Measured surveys you can trust

Our uniquely developed ‘whole building’ approach to measured surveys in London means you’ll receive a higher quality of survey. A survey you can trust, from experts meticulously trained in our proven methods, all quality checked by a Callidus Surveys principal measured surveyor.

Hassle-Free service

With decades of experience, and a team built with some of the best-trained measured surveyors the UK has to offer, you’ll experience nothing but the most efficient, hassle-free service. So you can focus on your own work, and leave the deadlines, and the detail, to us.

Every need covered

Our specialist expertise spans measured building surveys, movement monitoring, 3D laser scanning and topographical surveys. From prestigious, heritage and listed buildings, to new developments and small residences, we have the skill and knowledge to deliver precisely what you need, with quality and accuracy built-in as standard.


About us

Established in 1999, Callidus Surveys has become known as an industry-leading, trusted specialist in measured building surveys. Since 2016, all our surveys have been laser-scanned using the highest specification instrumentation, with the traditional hand measurement method reserved only for site checks and localised fine detail.

Our founding directors remain hands-on, keeping the business grounded and at the forefront of industry innovation, and ensuring the driving values of accuracy, service and expertise remain embedded in the service-driven ethos for which Callidus Surveys has become renowned.

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Accuracy, Service, Expertise

Our ethos


We recognise the importance of accuracy in your work. And that’s why we’ve made it a top priority in ours, without compromise.


Your time is precious. It’s why we’ve made our service hassle-free, so you can get on with your day, while we get on with your measured survey.


Callidus Surveys is home to some of the best measured surveyors in the business. For a better class of survey you can totally rely on, choose Callidus.

Looking for quality measured surveys in London?

Email us your survey specification and we’ll get back to you with a tailored quote

Our feedback


The service offered by Callidus was exemplary at every stage: from the initial discussions and advice about what was required and how best to achieve it, through the surveyors on site who were actively engaged with the brief and went the extra mile, to the high quality drawings produced.

For responsiveness and professionalism, the Callidus team cannot not be bettered – I highly recommend them.

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Measured Surveys London

Our specialist expertise


Flexible, methodical and experienced in working in educational environments, Callidus Surveys has the knowhow to tackle the logistical challenges that so often go hand in hand with measured surveys for London schools.


For measured surveys from a London specialist who truly understands the intricacies of ecclesiastical buildings, choose Callidus Surveys. From contemporary chapels to period monoliths, places of worship are a core specialism.


Occupied, vacant, small or large, our well-practised discreet onsite operations allow us to flow efficiently through an office building, capturing all the 3D data needed to create accurate and detailed measured surveys London wide.


Our no-fuss measured house surveys for London residences deliver the quality and accuracy that matter, in the timeframe you need. From bijou studios to sprawling mansions, you can confidently leave everything to us.

Charlie Elliott
Charlie Elliott
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Very pleased with the overall service from the Callidus team. They provided a quote quickly, completed the survey within the agreed timescales and all for a competitive price.
Richard Close
Richard Close
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We were struggling to find a reliable competent survey company. Callidus stepped up to the plate and exceeded our expectations. They listen to whats required and assist in any way they can.
Alice Brown
Alice Brown
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We recommend Callidus to all our clients whenever a survey of existing buildings or external areas is required. They are very good at anticipating our requirements, and produce the information promptly.
Nick Haseltine
Nick Haseltine
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As an architect, I have worked with Andrew and his team for a quite number of years and always found them excellent and professional to deal with and the quality of the surveys they carry out is the reason I keep coming back. Well recommended
Home Designing
Home Designing
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Highly recommend, Very fast and prompt service. Andrew was very helpful regarding the project.
James Barrett
James Barrett
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Efficient, reliable, job done well and with a minimum of fuss. Thank you!

Measured Surveys FAQ

Whether you have a question about Callidus Surveys, you’d like to know more about the technicalities of our measured surveys for London buildings, or you could benefit from some guidance in specifying a survey, we’re here to help.

We offer a unique ‘whole building’ approach to measured surveys in London, which means everything from the structure, internal and external features and the services of the building are all covered. This results in a higher quality, detail-packed survey, suitable for everything from structural redevelopment and major refurbishment to space planning and lease plans.


With decades of experience and specialist expertise as measured building surveyors, employing some of the UK’s finest talent, we deliver a service that’s completely hassle-free. 


So whether you’re an architect, local authority, chartered surveyor, property developer or building owner or manager, you can simply give us your specification, and leave the rest to us, safe in the knowledge that everything you need will be delivered to your desk within your specified timeframe, and budget.

What’s more, with every individual measured survey overseen by one of our highly experienced principal surveyors, you’ll always know that you’ll be able to trust a Callidus Survey.

Callidus Surveys is known for its specialist expertise in building surveys, topographical surveys, movement monitoring, plus 3D laser scanning, CAD surveys and floor plans. 


We have worked in an array of buildings, from prestigious, heritage and listed properties, to new developments and private homes of all sizes. 


You can learn more about our full range of services here.

A measured survey is a comprehensive survey relating to the external and/or internal aspects of a site, right down to the detail of individual floor plans.

Measured surveys are conducted in line with guidance from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which forms the framework of rules for measured surveys of buildings, utilities or land.

Depending on the scale of a project and specific requirements, measured surveys can take the form of anything from basic floor plans and drawings to highly accurate 3D models. The data collected forms a crucial element of future planning phases, as well as forming the foundation from which all design and development plans are created.

Accuracy and survey quality are vital, as inaccuracies can lead to increased costs, delays and the potential for breaching planning conditions.

Simply send us your specification and we’ll get back to you with a quote for your measured survey. 

If you’d like to go ahead, you can either call or email us and we’ll book the survey in for you, doing our best to fit in with any deadlines. All we generally need is an address and confirmation of access, and you can leave the rest to us.

All Callidus measured surveys are carried out in strict accordance with RICS Code of Measuring Practice, 6th Edition (updated Jan 2018).

To be able to put a price to your survey, we need to fully understand your requirements.

Below is our standard list of reminders to help you put together a workable specification:

Internal plans at which floors? To include all service switches, sockets, lights outlets etc.?

Note: Standard plans include windows, doors, door swings, structural walls, partitions, floor-ceiling heights, window heights/positions within floor-ceiling, location of downstand beams, sills, heads, parapets, soffits, changes in floor levels, steps, ramps, all significant sanitary fittings, and incoming services where visible.

Topographic survey (external yard, garden plans)?

External elevations? Which elevations? (Specify which faces).
Any off-site elevations for context or rights-to-light? (Specify which faces).
Fully detailed (including coursing detail and fenestration) or basic (openings and profiles only).

Internal elevations (basic or detailed)?

Note: Internal elevations in every space will more than double the price of your survey. Please be specific in choosing any internal elevations to minimise costs.

Sections through the building? How many? Do you need these internally elevated? Can you provide a plan mark-up of specific required positions?


Need a quote for a measured survey in London?

Email us your survey specification and we’ll get back to you with a tailored quote.

Got a question? Our helpful and knowledgeable team of surveyors are at your service.

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