Movement Monitoring

The Callidus team are not just measured building surveyors – we have a wealth of experience in movement (deformation) monitoring – before, during and after your construction project. Where your party-wall neighbours need assurance that what you’re doing on your site will not impact negatively on theirs, a credible monitoring specialist can go a long way to demonstrating your diligence. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your structural works are progressing safely all the way through the process.

The Callidus attention to accuracy is proudly followed through to our movement monitoring. From control network and monitoring marker installation, through monitoring during the structural works to handover and beyond, Callidus will be a reliable, reassuring presence.

Using the most accurate instrumentation and techniques, our regular visits are undertaken efficiently and with minimum fuss – usually without any disruption to the normal operations of your site.

With a frequency at your discretion, (but typically produced weekly) our reports come in the form of a bespoke Exel spreadsheet. Each report contains:

  • Control network details
  • Movement monitoring marker ID and locations
  • Movement monitoring marker weekly coordinates
  • X,Y & Z axis deviations, tabulated and colour coded with configurable tolerance bands on a traffic light system.
  • Cumulative deviations
  • Graphical representation of cumulative deviations

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