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Precision reassurance before, during and after construction works

When accuracy, reactive speed and service quality are of paramount importance, you can trust Callidus Building Surveys Ltd, one of the UK’s premier building movement monitoring surveyors, to deliver complete peace of mind.
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Exceptional Accuracy

Whether your goal is to demonstrate consideration and diligence, or there’s a structure, building or earthworks causing concern, you can rely on Callidus Surveys for the ultimate in precision monitoring surveys London wide, courtesy of our experience, exacting techniques, and investment in the most accurate monitoring survey instrumentation available.

Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Fuss

With decades of experience, and a team built with some of the best-trained experts in structural movement monitoring London and UK wide, your experience will be nothing but positive. From regular visits and monitoring during works, to project handover and beyond, you’ll find us reliable and reassuring, and your site operations virtually undisrupted, for the ultimate hassle-free peace of mind.

Flexible Expertise

Our expert monitoring surveys can be used across London for a range of applications, including deformation surveys, settlement surveys, precise levelling and crack monitoring. For insurance investigations, protection against third party claims, excavations, tunnelling, structural renovations and quality and safety control of works in progress, our expertise covers all bases.


Movement Monitoring Explained

Buildings, structures and landscaped areas can be subject to movement, sometimes due to natural processes, other times due to human intervention, such as construction works. Structural movement monitoring allows movement to be identified early on, keeping remedial costs to a minimum, and avoiding potential claims.

Pinpointing structural movement with precision accuracy is vital. Movement monitoring surveys work by modelling the face of the structure by establishing a series of points along it. If the levels appear to be shifting, then a monitoring survey is put in place to analyse how widespread and rapid the movement is.

Using state-of-the-art total-station instruments, fixed targets are measured to exacting accuracies to accord with the tightest tolerances.  

Reports are generated at suitable intervals, usually weekly, and show detailed comparisons with baseline starting coordinates, as well as positive and negative movement values in three dimensions in bespoke interactive spreadsheet format.

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Our ethos

Established in 1999, Callidus Surveys has become renowned as an industry leader and respected expert in measured building surveys, including the specialist skill of structural movement monitoring. London wide, our directors operate with a hands-on approach, ensuring the business remains at the leading edge of industry innovation, and that we always maintain the core values of accuracy, service and expertise as a golden thread running through everything we do for our clients.


We recognise the importance of accuracy in your work. And that’s why we’ve made it a top priority in ours, by investing in top of the range structural movement monitoring instrumentation.


Your time is precious. It’s why we’ve made our service hassle-free, so you can get on with your vital role, while we get on with your monitoring survey and deliver the data you need, in the timescale that matters.


Callidus Surveys is home to some of the best movement monitoring surveyors in the industry. For a better class of structural movement monitoring survey you can fully rely on, choose Callidus.

Looking for Precision Monitoring Surveys in London?

Email us your survey details and we’ll get back to you with a tailored quote for a detailed structural monitoring survey using our cutting edge measured survey technology.

Our feedback


The service offered by Callidus was exemplary at every stage: from the initial discussions and advice about what was required and how best to achieve it, through the surveyors on site who were actively engaged with the brief and went the extra mile, to the high quality drawings produced.

For responsiveness and professionalism, the Callidus team cannot not be bettered – I highly recommend them.

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Jan Davison
Measured Surveys London

Our specialist expertise


Flexible, methodical and experienced in working in educational environments, Callidus Surveys has the knowhow to tackle the logistical challenges that so often go hand in hand with monitoring surveys for London schools.


For monitoring surveys from a London specialist who truly understands the intricacies of ecclesiastical buildings, choose Callidus Surveys. From contemporary chapels to period monoliths, places of worship are a core specialism.


Occupied, vacant, small or large, our discreet onsite operations allow us to work efficiently around office buildings, capturing all the data needed for detailed deformation monitoring reports, using leading edge structural movement monitoring methods.


Our no-fuss monitoring surveys for London residences deliver the quality and accuracy that matter, in the timeframe you need. From apartment blocks to mansions, we have developed and continue to refine our process, for your ultimate reassurance.

Charlie Elliott
Charlie Elliott
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Very pleased with the overall service from the Callidus team. They provided a quote quickly, completed the survey within the agreed timescales and all for a competitive price.
Richard Close
Richard Close
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We were struggling to find a reliable competent survey company. Callidus stepped up to the plate and exceeded our expectations. They listen to whats required and assist in any way they can.
Alice Brown
Alice Brown
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We recommend Callidus to all our clients whenever a survey of existing buildings or external areas is required. They are very good at anticipating our requirements, and produce the information promptly.
Nick Haseltine
Nick Haseltine
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As an architect, I have worked with Andrew and his team for a quite number of years and always found them excellent and professional to deal with and the quality of the surveys they carry out is the reason I keep coming back. Well recommended
Home Designing
Home Designing
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Highly recommend, Very fast and prompt service. Andrew was very helpful regarding the project.
James Barrett
James Barrett
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Efficient, reliable, job done well and with a minimum of fuss. Thank you!

Monitoring Surveys FAQ

Whether you have a question about Callidus Surveys, you’d like to know more about the technicalities of our monitoring surveys for London buildings, or you could benefit from some guidance in specifying a monitoring survey, we’re here to help.

An accurate and timely movement monitoring survey is a critical and proactive measure to reduce remediation costs and mitigate potential party wall or liability claims. For this reason, it is important to ensure you are engaging a structural movement monitoring surveyor who invests in the right equipment, software and skills to deliver precision results on time, as we do here at Callidus Surveys.

With decades of experience and specialist expertise as measured building survey engineers, we deliver a precision structural movement monitoring service in London that we’ll make as hassle-free as possible.

So whether you’re an architect, contractor, developer, local authority, chartered surveyor, or building owner or manager, you can simply point us in the right direction and leave the specification writing to us, safe in the knowledge that your property won’t move a millimetre without you knowing about it, with monitoring results delivered to your desk immediately, and within and budget.

We understand the requirement to act quickly when a need for a movement survey is identified. Thanks to our expertise and capacity, we are able to react swiftly to requests for all types of monitoring surveys.

What’s more, with every individual deformation monitoring survey overseen by one of our experienced principal surveyors, you’ll know that you’ll always be able to trust a Callidus Survey.

Monitoring surveys are used to precision measure small movements within a structure, building or earthworks, either where a movement problem has already been identified, or where one can be anticipated, either on or adjacent to construction projects. Repeat survey visits are made in order to take readings that can be compared to previous results over time.

Callidus also has access to specialist, sub-millimetre equipment for situations where critical monitoring is required on a continuous basis.

All Callidus monitoring surveys London wide are carried out on an individual basis to suit the specific project, and are fully tailored with bespoke specification and scheme design for cost effective results.

Once we have the basics of your requirements, we will provide you with a detailed specification and scheme design proposal, setting out the nature and setup of the equipment, the accuracies and tolerances, the frequency of site visits, and the short and longer-term programme.

Our choice of equipment will vary depending on the nature and location of the site and its context, and the objectives of the survey, and may include high-specification total stations to monitor fixed targets or prisms, precise levels, and/or permanently in-situ electronic tilt and level monitoring cells.

A typical monitoring survey would include a number of targets strategically placed on the building or structure. These targets are then monitored using a ‘total-station’ (an evolution of the old ‘theodolite’) which in essence is an angle measuring device combined with an electronic distance measurement (EDM) unit which can capture the precise position of any target within range (up to 100 metres), visit after visit.

There are a number of factors onsite that must be negotiated in order to provide the movement data you need.

To be able to ascertain any movement on your property, we must first establish a network of ‘static’ offsite control. This static control network is the offsite stable basis upon which any movement onsite can be related. Visibility to offsite control is key to the accuracy of the monitoring and needs to be maintained for the duration of the monitoring project.

A typical issue we might face is establishing and maintaining sight lines to offsite static control, particularly at the rear of terraced properties. A site visit at the outset would be required to get a feel for what is possible for instrument setup positions and sight lines. This is also a moving target; vegetation, scaffolding, hoardings, unstable ground, materials storage, plant movement nearby and the construction itself will all be changing over time and affect the sight lines throughout the progress of the project.

Because of this, we may need to revise the target locations from time to time. Often, this can be undertaken within a monitoring visit, but sometimes not, depending on the requirements of installation.

With all of this in mind, it is important to ensure you are engaging a structural movement monitoring surveyor who invests in the right equipment, software and skills to deliver precision results on time, as we do here at Callidus Surveys.

To get us on the case, we’d need an address, an indication of the reasons for the monitoring survey and provision of any supporting documents (party wall and/or engineer’s requirements).

From here, well pay a brief visit to the site, and then put together a monitoring specification and scheme proposal for your instruction. If you’d like to go ahead, you can either call or email us and we’ll book the survey in for you, doing our best to fit in with any deadlines.

All Callidus measured surveys are carried out in strict accordance with RICS Code of Measuring Practice, 6th Edition (updated Jan 2018).

To be able to put a price to your survey, we need to fully understand your requirements.

Below is our standard list of reminders to help you put together a workable specification:

Internal plans at which floors? To include all service switches, sockets, lights outlets etc.?

Note: Standard plans include windows, doors, door swings, structural walls, partitions, floor-ceiling heights, window heights/positions within floor-ceiling, location of downstand beams, sills, heads, parapets, soffits, changes in floor levels, steps, ramps, all significant sanitary fittings, and incoming services where visible.

Topographic survey (external yard, garden plans)?

External elevations? Which elevations? (Specify which faces).
Any off-site elevations for context or rights-to-light? (Specify which faces).
Fully detailed (including coursing detail and fenestration) or basic (openings and profiles only).

Internal elevations (basic or detailed)?

Note: Internal elevations in every space will more than double the price of your survey. Please be specific in choosing any internal elevations to minimise costs.

Sections through the building? How many? Do you need these internally elevated? Can you provide a plan mark-up of specific required positions?


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