Laser scanning

The fast-moving pace of building survey technology means there’s always something new, better, faster, more efficient. A step-change in the surveying industry is happening right now. The emergence of the laser scanner in recent years offers us massively improved detailing and accuracy in our surveys and with hugely reduced survey times. That is why Callidus has invested heavily in the most modern laser scanning equipment and software to stay on top of the surveying industry. Callidus is committed to producing the most accurate building surveys possible. The laser scanner, right now, is unquestionably the way to fulfil that commitment.

The laser scanner allows us to capture hundreds-of-thousands of coordinated points per second that describe a building with high accuracy in 3D. This ‘point-cloud’ data set can be manipulated and sliced at will to form the foundation of the drawings you want to see. Plans, elevations, sections – all drawn from high-density, spacially accurate data.

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